Proving Fault In A Premises Liability Case

Proving Fault In A Premises Liability Case

Of all the various personal injury accidents that you can suffer from, a slip and fall one can be one of the most difficult to recover from. Your physical injuries can be difficult enough, but the fact is that the act of making a full financial recovery is much more complex than with auto accidents.

The reason is simple – proving fault in Florida means that you have to show that someone responsible for the property was reckless or negligent and that those actions are what led to your injuries. This sounds simple enough, but when you take a closer look at it you see just how complex it can be.

The Big Challenge Of Showing Fault

Specifically, when you are seeking compensation for your injuries you must show that the other person was reckless or negligent. In the case of an auto accident, this can be fairly simple and includes things like drunk driving, speeding, or texting while driving. But in a slip and fall or premises liability case, recklessness and negligence is harder to prove.

The reason is that you must be able to show that the circumstances that led to your injuries were known to the property manager and that they failed to correct them at all. For instance, it isn’t enough to show that a spill was present and that you slipped on the wet floor. Instead, you have to show that the person was aware of the spill and chose not to clean it up or to post any warning to visitors about it.

Obviously, this is more challenging than simply showing that a person was driving drunk, and as such it’s vital that those who are injured in a slip and fall accident contact a professional attorney to help them with their case.

Proving Fault

Having an attorney on your side is often one of the most important steps that you can take when you’re trying to show that you deserve compensation. Some of the different tools and resources that they can use to prove that you are owed restitution include things like:

• Security camera footage
• Past property injury complaints
• Statements from witnesses
• Medical statements
• Past safety violations
• And more

It can take tremendous effort, but with the right attorney on your side it is more than possible to prove that you deserve compensation and get what you’re owed.

What Are You Owed?

Another thing to consider is what you are owed and how to ensure that you get the maximum amount in compensation so you can make a full recovery. This isn’t always easy either, and a fair settlement includes things like:

• Medical expenses
• Future estimated potential medical expenses
• Lost wages from work
• Future potential lost wages
• Compensation for lost ability to earn to your full potential
• Compensation for pain and suffering

Your attorney will consult with various professionals in different fields including medical and financial experts to ensure that you are given the full amount that you need to get back on your feet. Getting compensation is important for making sure that you can recover financially and move on after an accident, and can also have a major impact on your ability to heal physically as well.

The takeaway from this is obvious – in order to ensure that you are able to recover after an accident, you need to take the time to find a good personal injury attorney who handles slip and fall accident law. Then, let them take care of the process of getting you what you’re owed. It’s the best way to get the funds you need for a full recovery and start moving on after a serious accident.

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