Understanding The Real Costs Of An Automobile Accident

When you are injured in a car accident, the financial burden can be overwhelming. The costs of medical care, prescription pharmaceuticals, and post accident care like physical therapy can add up to the hundreds of thousands quickly. Add to that severe injuries can put people out of work, losing your income and benefits. The costs can easily get out of control. However, these are just the obvious costs, as there are many more. That is why you need an experienced auto accident attorney to help you cover all the costs of an accident. Here are seven of the costs you may legally be owed compensation for, but didn’t know about


Disfigurement is a legal term for deformation and disfigurement caused by an accident. This can include scars or other permanent effects on the victim’s appearance. For example, if you get into an accident where your face is permanently scarred, that can be very traumatic and will impact the rest of your life. You are owed compensation for your trauma.

Future Medical Expenses

Many injuries like spinal injuries can cause you to have a lifetime of problems. In this case, the compensation you are owed is not just for your immediate medical bills. Instead, the compensation is for the full cost of the injury now and into the future.

Lost Earning Capacity

Imagine if you work in roofing construction and the auto accident caused severe damage to your spine. You won’t be able to carry loads up and down ladders any longer as a result of the injury. As a result, you’ll no longer be able to continue in your chosen industry. This means that all future promotions and opportunities you have earned are gone. You’ll have to start from scratch in a new industry and probably will need training. Lost earning capacity is compensation to help cover all of those losses.

Household Services/Caretaker Help

When you’re injured, you may not be able to do normal things around the home like mowing the lawn. You may also need in home care to help you do simple things like take a shower. These are all costs that have added up from the accident and as a result, you are owed compensation for them.

Pain And Suffering

Although it can be challenging to place a price on the cost of the physical pain you’ve endured, when your injuries are severe, you deserve compensation for the suffering. Pain and suffering is determined by how severe your injuries are, how long it will take to heal, and how long you are likely to be in pain. This form of compensation is difficult to calculate but an attorney can help you understand if you are entitled to receive pain and suffering.

Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life

Loss of enjoyment of life is similar to pain and suffering in that it doesn’t have a clear tangible value. However, it is compensation for when the injuries from your accident have interfered with your ability to lead your normal life. Imagine if you are a regular tennis player. You love the game and you play everyday after work. Then you get into a car accident that severely damages your shoulder and now you will not be able to play tennis any longer. You deserve compensation for the loss of the thing you most enjoyed as a result of your injuries.

Mental Anguish/Emotional Distress

Though many people see emotional distress as a thing people claim on television to get money they don’t deserve. The sad reality is a severe accident can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while injuries can lead to depression and anxiety. Mental health issues can put a severe strain on a person’ life. These issues are part of the larger medical damage and require expensive professional treatment to overcome. They were also caused by the other driver and so you deserve compensation for them.

As you can see, there is more lost than just the cost of the medical bills and missed work. In fact, accident injuries can cost you a lot. That is why working with a qualified bradenton auto accident attorney is the best way to ensure you get paid for all your damage. Michael will review your entire case and help you understand what the accident really cost you. Then he will fight against the insurance companies to ensure you get what your damages are worth. Call us today at 727-381-9200 for a free consultation to learn more.

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